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Nov 18, 2011
Est. read: 1 minute
If you have to show a diagram or a workflow, always make sure the audience knows where to start looking and where to look next. This slide was very confusing and even had a number of elements that didn't help explain what was going on.

Original Slide

My Rendition

Some notes: Apart from the fact that I have no idea where the process starts and ends from looking at the slide above, I also have no idea about monitoring diesel engines. So I didn't bother fully replicating the information in my rendition. Key takeaways here though are:
  1. Direct your audience eyes so that they will get the flow immediately;
  2. Don't use real world images if text boxes will do;
  3. For chrissakes, don't put marketing blurbs on the slide if they don't help explain the process flow!
Original slides are here.