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Co-Written by Andreas Hubert

This is part 5 of a series of articles. For other parts, see the introductory article.

I’m So Proud of You!

You did a rockin’ job finishing this series! Now it’s time for you to continue the journey on your own but not necessarily alone. Here are some resources that will help you become an effective module developer.

  • The official module checklist - This is a very useful set of items to review especially just before you submit code upstream. Keep it in your bookmarks!

  • Running Integration Tests - Here’s very useful information on how to run integration tests locally.

  • The Tests and Code - Here’s the complete sample code that we built in this series. Use it as you wish!

  • Boundaries Talk by Gary Bernhardt - One of my favorite talks. Here, Gary talks about designing software that’s testable, maintainable, and all the “-able” good stuff that comes with properly designed apps.

  • Integrated Tests are a Scam by J.B. Rainsberger - While the title sounds controversial, it does open you up to a new way of thinking about your isolated/unit tests and how to avoid the hell that is managing integration tests.

  • Domain-Driven Design - Build your code’s internal API such that it reflects the domain that it’s modeling and avoid communication problems with your customer!

  • #ansible-devel on Freenode - There’s a lot of friendly folks in there who will be more than happy to help you if you have any module development questions.

  • ansible-devel mailing list - If IRC is not your thing, you can contact the same folks from this Google Group.

Well, that’s it for now. Best of luck and see you on the Interwebz!