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A Framework for Qualitatively Evaluating an Incubator

Nov 1, 2017
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While drafting a series on CI/CD these past few weeks, I came across an old research paper that I wrote back in my Master of Management program at the Australian National University* in Canberra. My research was focused on creating a wholistic framework for evaluating the efficacy of a business incubator within a community.

It’s still in its nascent form to this day since I haven’t had the chance to continue working on it but I’m sharing it here, warts and all, in case anyone might find this useful. If you do end up basing your work on it or further improve it, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to see how much further this framework can go!

FAIR WARNING: This is an academic paper. If you’re not used to this form of writing, please have a strong cup of coffee handy! I will admit, being that I’ve been away from the academic world for so long, I dozed off in some parts when I re-read it the other day!

View the Research Paper

* - Wow. What a blast from the past! I totally miss ANU and Toad Hall. Lots of lessons learned, great memories and even better conversations in that place.