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Analyzing an Apache Log File

Jan 24, 2019
Est. read: 1 minute

Pop quiz, hot shot! You need to quickly get an idea of the top 5 clients IPs of your website grouped by path and HTTP status code but only between 6PM and 7PM and only for requests with HTTP status code 40x. Quick! What tools do you pick up? Do you use go, python, C? What about the framework? And how do you onboard the rest of your team?

Slow down, take a deep breath. For this scenario, you don’t need anything more than Bash and friends. To get an idea of how to do that, try out this 60-liner bash script to get the data I mentioned above.

Run Bash Analytics like so:

script/ba \
    --logfile samples/access_log \
    --group src,path,code \
    --top 5 \
    --filter timestamp=07/Mar/2004:1[8-9],code=40.

From that command you can get something like:

1 /twiki/bin/edit/TWiki/TWikiVariables?t=1078684115 401
1 /twiki/bin/edit/Sandbox/TestTopic5?topicparent=Sandbox.WebHome 401
1 /twiki/bin/edit/Main/Virtual_mailbox_lock?topicparent=Main.ConfigurationVariables 401
1 /twiki/bin/edit/Main/Trigger_timeout?topicparent=Main.ConfigurationVariables 401
1 /twiki/bin/edit/Main/TWikiPreferences?topicparent=Main.WebHome 401

Easy peasy. But wait! There’s more! Head on over to the Bash Analytics repository to get more examples.

NOTE: You can very easilly modify the processor to parse other log file formats such as those from NGINX, Hadoop, k8s, etc.