Mark Maglana

DevOps + Software Engineering + Agile + Product Management

CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator
Certificate ID: CKA-1700-0020-0100

Developer productivity is my vocation. CI/CD is my approach and management knowledge is the rudder that keeps my actions pointed in the right direction.


  • Delivered an enterprise-wide standardized Kubernetes configuration - My former employer, Teradata, needed a standardized Kubernetes configuration that multiple projects can develop on top of. I led a team of DevOps engineers that made this happen and we utilized Scrum in full to iterate quickly, ship preview releases every 3 sprints, and deliver a 1.0 release within 5 months.

  • Increased billing module accuracy and speed by at least 10x - When a product’s billing module was producing inaccurate results and regularly timing out, I offered to inspect the code and find out where the problem was. After much debugging, I found the problem and provided a fix which resulted in the reports displaying correctly. To improve the module’s speed, however, required re-architecting the module which I led from conception to delivery.

  • Facilitated the timely delivery of software by automating requirements - We needed to deliver a software agent for a customer that wanted their product to work with a 3rd-party vendor’s product. I volunteered to study the associated open standards and proprietary protocols to learn about the requirements. I then codified these requirements in a test harness that also doubled as the executable requirements document for the development team. After integrating this into our CI/CD pipeline, the dev team was able to receive timely feedback on requirements compliance and regressions allowing them to deliver on time and within budget!

  • Talked at various meetups and conferences - I’ve presented on various topics such as Baking and Frying Machine Images (jFrog Napa Valley 2017), How to Write Fully-Tested Ansible Modules (AnsibleFest NY 2016), Deploying OpenShift with Ansible (Internal talk 2016), Multi-node DevStack with Puppet (OpenStack Summit Atlanta 2014), How I Built My Own BDD Framework (Ruby on Rails Meetup, Los Angeles 2013), and Introducing Scratch Programming (2nd-grade Classroom 2017).

  • Reduced a 2-day manual process to 5 seconds - While building the MIS for a metal fabrication shop, I learned about a manual process that took shop floor engineers 2 days to complete. After some research, I was able to build a desktop app that reduced the computation time to 5 seconds.

  • Improved requirements gathering through prototyping - Upon joining a new software consulting firm, I noticed the long feedback loop from requirements gathering to user testing. I encouraged and guided my teammates to adopt prototyping as one of the ways to improve requirements gathering and reduce waste. The results were positive and the engineers along with the users were very happy with the results.

  • Recipient of academic excellence award for best strategic plan - I wanted to understand the business of software and decided that focusing on the basics of business management was key. I then applied for our state university’s graduate program for management where I was accepted. During the program, I was top of class for Operations Management, Financial Management, and Business Strategy. I then used everything that I learned to create a strategic plan for our family business which resulted in me getting the academic excellence award for best strategic plan.

  • Can solve Rubik’s Cube in 1 minute 25 seconds - Not a record shattering feat but it’s one of my best times. I decided to learn to solve the cube because it was interesting. Video on YouTube.


Senior Staff DevOps Engineer (Dec 2017 - present)
Tesla, Fremont, CA

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

  • Designed and implemented a CI/CD platform that software engineers used for their applications. They onboarded their projects via a declarative YAML file that they commit with their code. The platform provided services such as (1) container image build and publish, (2) Unit, integration, and black box testing, (3) static code analysis, (4) notifications, (5) build health dashboards, (6) auto-DB migration, and (7) auto-deployment to Docker hosts or to Kubernetes.

DevOps Engineer (Nov 2016 - Dec 2017)
Teradata, Santa Clara, CA

Teradata Corporation is a Fortune 1000 provider of data warehouse platforms, software and services. Our team is at the center of the company’s thrust to build modern data analytics products around Teradata’s traditional offerings.

  • Team Lead for the internal Kubernetes standard configuration project. This project was a core critical component of all the microservices-based products that Teradata is building. I led the team, provided architectural guidance, wrote code, as well as oversaw the internal community management aspects that were necessary to onboard the various products and programs on top of the project. I also worked on growing the team such that it can support all the Kubernetes requirements of the aforementioned Teradata products.  

  • I functioned as the DevOps Engineer for the AppCenter project where I was responsible for guiding the architecture of the team’s software manufacturing pipeline. I designed the pipeline and also did the initial implementation. I later served as an adviser/mentor to the team members that were implementing the rest of the design. This software manufacturing pipeline is critical in ensuring the timely delivery and quality of AppCenter which is a central component of Teradata’s UDA program.  

  • I was a member of Teradata’s internal DevOps Technology Council. This council is tasked to collate, curate, and evangelize the DevOps best practices across Teradata to improve its Engineering operational efficiency and effectiveness. I was assigned to the “standardized processes” component of the framework that the council is building.  

QA/Release Engineer (Jan 2014 - Sep 2016)
Dimension Data, Pleasanton, CA

Dimension Data is a leading provider of professional, cloud, consulting and managed services for advanced IT solutions. Our team actively contributed to Ansible, OpenStack, Open vSwitch, and Open DayLight. My official title was QA/Release Engineer but my responsibilities spanned those of a software engineer/architect.

  • Designed and implemented a non-interactive agent that automatically launched time-bound AWS spot instances as needed for use as auxiliary Jenkins workers that handled non-time-critical builds.

  • Wrote Ansible modules to be used for provisioning resources on Dimension Data’s cloud service.

  • Developed an Ansible-based project that deployed an HA OpenShift platform for use by our team as a replacement for our CI/CD pipeline.

  • Designed and implemented the full stack of a web application that was designed to transform data from one format to another. The system used Rails, Postgres, Redis (for job queueing), Resque, and Ceph both for persistent block and object storage.

  • Designed and implemented an automated test harness framework used by our testers for our various software products.

  • Mentored development teams in new technologies, standards, and even 3rd-party protocols that they needed to incorporate or interface to. This allowed them to hit the ground running and deliver within budget.

Senior Director Of Engineering (Jul 2012 - Jan 2014)
Morph, Manhattan Beach, CA

Morph was the first PaaS built on top of AWS and later on pivoted to providing IaaS appliances that its customers can install inside of their data center to use as a springboard for quickly building their own cloud computing environment. My official title was Senior Director of Engineering but my actual roles spanned that of a software engineer/architect.

  • Designed and developed a billing module for the product.

  • Wrote a Ruby client library for the OpenStack API.

  • Wrote a Cucumber-based integration test for the QA team.

  • Mentored developers on proper software development practices.

  • Helped set up the CI tools and process to ensure the main branch always has deployable, stable code.

Senior Director for Product Development (Jan 2008 - Jul 2012)
Exist Global, Manila, Philippines

Exist provides tailored solutions, consulting and full cycle IT services to customers around the globe. At the time, I was assigned to Morph to help produce its cloud computing product.

  • Oversaw the design and implementation of Morph AppSpace, one of the earliest Platform-as-a-Service providers built on top of AWS in the market.

  • Managed the product roadmap to ensure that requirements are prioritized properly and that they contain the right information.

  • I helped Marketing Communications in their effort to generate product information for various marketing collateral.

  • Implemented agile practices in Engineering to ensure timely delivery of stories and an overall coordinated effort of releases.

Systems Analyst/Programmer (Mar 2003 - Dec 2006)
Deco Machine Shop, Davao City, Philippines

Deco Machine Shop, Inc. provides industrial machine fabrication services nationwide. Its major clients include Dole Philippines and San Miguel Corporation. As a systems analyst, my job was to understand the processes of the company and build software tools to automate parts of it. Software tools developed include a gear combination application which reduced a machinist’s work from one day to just under 5 seconds while increasing work precision.

In 2007, I took a year off to obtain my second Master’s degree.

Systems Analyst/Programmer (Jan 2002 - Jan 2003)
iThink Technologies, Davao City, Philippines

iThink provides business software and training solutions for major companies nationwide. Major clients include the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Meralco, and Davao Light and Power Company. I was involved as a systems analyst/programmer for the development of purchasing systems, HR systems, and other enterprise applications for iThink’s major customers. I also spearheaded the use of the Unified Modeling Language within the company and also provided some in-house training for a number of then upcoming technologies and development platforms.

Web Developer (Jan 2001 - Jan 2002)
Smartweb Philippines, Cebu City, Philippines

Smartweb was a US-based company with its production facility based in Cebu. It was involved in developing websites for small to medium sized businesses in the USA. I was a team leader in this organization. Apart from this, I also developed Smartweb’s employee time tracking and billing system, which later helped speed up the invoicing and employee time tracking for the company.

Student Volunteer - Web Developer (Jun 1997 - Oct 2000)
University of San Carlos, Cebu City, Philippines

While attending college I was also a volunteer of the University of San Carlos Web Development Team which was tasked to build and maintain the university’s website. I was involved in the implementation in both the client side and the server side of the website and was later promoted to team leader. The team was, by then, composed of 10 student volunteers.


Master of Management, Technology, Innovation, and Commercialization
Jan 2007 - Dec 2007
The Australian National University
Acton, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

Master of Management
May 2004 - Apr 2006
University of the Philippines - School of Management
Mintal, Davao City 8022, Philippines

BS Computer Engineering Jun 1995 - Oct 2000
University of San Carlos
P. del Rosario Street, Cebu City 6000, Philippines

LinkedIn Recommendations

Mark is an exceptional employee from his personal interactions with his peers, development skills and passion for quality. He has a wide breadth of exposure to different programming languages, configuration management and software design and architecture.

— Mike Outland
Senior DevOps Manager, Tesla

Mark is an exceptionally capable software architect and developer. When a new technology or language needed to be implemented, Mark was able to obtain a deep level of understanding in a very short amount of time. I have seen him architect and implement everything from full APIs to cloud middleware to full front-ends. Over the years he has gained a wide breadth of knowledge in everything cloud & container. Working with him has been regularly humbling and wonderfully educational. Beyond his technical prowess, Mark is also very fun to work with and mentors people exceptionally well. He uses his great sense of humor to take the stress out of tough challenges and motivate teams to push on. I give Mark my highest recommendation to anything he wants to take on. He will be a rare gift to the next company he works with.

— Aimon Bustardo
Lead DevOps Engineer,

Mark was one of my favorite people to work with at Teradata — the energy he brings to the projects and teams he works with is infectious. Mark’s leadership style stems not only from his energy, but his expertise as a DevOps Engineer. He is respected by colleagues at all levels and is a huge asset for any modern engineering organization.

— Tim McIntire
VP Shared Services, Teradata

Mark is one of the few people I know who can truly perform well in a player/coach role. While his technical chops may be second to none, he combines those chops with a natural ability to lead from the front. He would most certainly be a valuable asset to any team lucky enough to have him.

— Jason Reslock
Lead DevOps Engineer, OM1

Possibly the best reason I looked forward to going to work everyday is because of the opportunity to work closely and be mentored by Mark. I see him as a true software craftsman who is passionate about code and cares a lot about code quality, readability and testability. He can lead teams, mentor teammates, commit production code within time and budget while giving a helping hand with whatever is the issue of the day.

— Bert Diwa
Sr. QA/Automation Engineer, Verizon

[Mark] produced solid designs. He was an expert at Python (and apparently Ruby too). He seemed to know about every Open Source project out there. His mastery of all things Git and GitHub were critical support to several of us who had never used Git before. All in all, Mark was an invaluable resource to the project and to the team. He seemed to get his dozen projects done in time while simultaneously providing whatever technical support was being asked of him by the team.

— Jay Riddell
Sr. Web Designer, Davis Instruments

Mark was a particularly able and focused student, capable of working independently and evaluating ideas and approaches critically. His particular interest at the time [while studying at the Australian National University] was the role, design and development of business incubators as a tool for regional development.

— Don Scott-Kemmis
Innovation Policy Consultant

A Few Open Source Projects

  • Open vSwitch Lab - A Vagrant project which provisions two machines that talk over a simulated Internet. The lab is a companion project for the series of articles I wrote about VXLAN, OVSDB, and the hardware VTEP schema. Source in Github.

  • Aviator - A lightweight Ruby client library for cloud REST APIs. I initially built this for the OpenStack API. My focus was to build a library that reflected, rather than obscured the underlying API. Homepage.

  • Mana Mana - A proof-of-concept business natural language testing framework that was inspired by Cucumber and the Robot framework. This was borne out of my never-ending search for better ways to write maintainable automated tests. Source in Github.

  • Others - I also contribute to other open source projects and you will usually find it in my activity feed on Github

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